Monday, September 13, 2010

Monsoon Sunset

Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Monsoon season.

No photoshopping here. This lava-like sky is exactly how the sunset appeared both to the camera and the eye, and lasted a good 30 minutes. Even the violet in the sand and waves is not an artifact of a skewed white balance but (mostly) a reflection of the deep blue sky over my shoulder. Photo taken from the section of Victory Beach just north of the central headland. Koh Pos (Snake Island) in the foreground, Koh Rung Island on the horizon. 

Sunsets are always best in the monsoon season. Great paint-spattered skies need clouds as canvas. Empty-sky dry-season sundowns are mostly variations on the big orange ball, sometimes hazy, other times less so. Monsoon season clouds provide the tablua rasa for grand, multicolored ocean sunsets.

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  1. Fantastic shot , ive just bought a Nikon D50 and i can't wait to get back to Cambodia next year to start using it... Agreed about the Monsoon clouds..