Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Exsqueeze me?

Found in my travels around Cambodia over the last few months:

Cambodia: Menu offering Fried Crap
From a menu at a crab shack in the Kep Crab Market. When I saw it on the menu, I pointed and asked the waitress if the crap was meaty today. She assured me that the crap was very meaty and sweet that day. I asked if Fried Crap was a very popular dish and she told me that the tourists who come there all like to eat crap. So I ordered a big plate. And I must say, it was good shit. Recommended.

Cambodia: Sign for massage and discount mount
From a massage & spa place in Phnom Penh. 50% off every mount on the 1st. I wonder if this might give potential customers the wrong idea...or the right idea....

Cambodia: Menu offering Bopiled Port and Moodles
From a little Vietnamese café in Sihanoukville. That day I had the bopiled port and a small moodle. Wasn't that good, especially the moodle.

Cambodia: Menu offering Fried Sfrim
From a Thai restaurant in Phnom Penh. Thank goodness for photo menus. 

Cambodia: Sign for some kind of doctor

Cambodia: Menu offering Chocolate Mouse
From a French restaurant in Phnom Penh. I didn't have the Chocolate Mouse because I don't like their beady little chocolate eyes.

Cambodia: Spa offering a special of the rapists
Ran across this one just today. A train wreck of a brochure for a spa in Phnom Penh that managed to outdo itself by promising a "special of the rapists." That's something I think I'd care not experience, even in a "place for relaxation."

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