Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Unpublished responses

As you may have noticed, I need to ‘approve’ responses before they are published to my blog. I do this primarily because I am unable to check my blog everyday and I don’t want vulgar responses, spam, etc. hanging out there for days at a time before I can get to it. Generally speaking I publish almost all response to my blog, but not quite everything. Here are a few of my favorites that I refrained from publishing.

1) Responding to my post ‘Birthday of King Father Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia’ - The guy who first responded that nobody will ever respond to my blog because the responses have to get approved first. (He said I was just trying to build my CV.) Shortly thereafter he responded again, posting what amounted to an insult to the Khmer and Thai kings.
2) Responding to my post ‘The Polite Tuk-Tuk’  about the tuk-tuk driver that doesn’t harass tourists and expats  – The tuk-tuk driver who posted 4 times in 4 days that he was a friend of the polite tuk-tuk, that he is a tuk-tuk driver too, and that I should post his contact information for tourists. He clearly missed the point.
3) Responding to my post ‘Southeast Asia Backpacker’s Credo and Motto’ – The guy that called me a bigot for generalizing about backpackers and then added a profanity laden paragraph generalizing about expats.
4) Responding to several of my photo-only posts – People who say something to the effect ‘Love your writing…’ (Even though I didn’t write anything.) ‘…Check out my website at...’ followed by a link to a travel agency, tour operator, commercial travel blog, etc.

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