Saturday, July 27, 2013

Election Eve: Polling Station

Voter instructions posted outside the polling station.

Today was a quiet day in Prey Veng. White day. The day after the end of the campaign and the day before election day. Some businesses in town were closed today and some others closed earlier than usual. The traffic was heavy on some of the main roads as people returned to the province and to the districts to vote tomorrow.

I stopped by 10 or 12 polling stations this afternoon. The polling station staff was at some stations, finishing last minute preparations and setting up the various voting equipment. At other, the work apparently complete, the polling staff had gone home, leaving the doors locked and the requisite guards outside the station. (Though I found one station completely unmanned, set up. staff gone, no guard.) At about half the stations I visited there were a few people lingering over the voter registration lists posted outside each station, checking for their name or the names of relatives. 

Voter checking registrations lists posted outside polling station for her name.

Registration lists.

Polling station at pagoda school building.

Polling station interior. Clerks on far side to check ID/name and give ballot. Voting shields in middle. Ballot box (still unassembled in cardboard storage box) and indelible ink on left. Chairman's desk at head of room.

Polling station interior.

Behind voting shield.

The infamous indelible ink.

Instructions posted outside polling station.

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