Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mourners, Monks and Nuns

Today was Day 17 since the death of King Father Sihanouk. It would have been his 91st birthday (as Cambodians count birthdays,) his 90th as westerners count. In the late afternoon thousand of monks, nuns and mourners arrived for a mass ceremony in front of the Palace...




VOA: Authorities Consider Public Palace Viewing of ‘King Father’


  1. Thanks for these updates and photos! Do you know how long the King will be lying in state? And does it seem foreigners are able to visit and pay respects or only Cambodians?

    1. Reportedly will lie in State for 3 months, tentatively culminating in funeral ceremony and cremation in early February. There has been a lot of talk of somehow opening the viewing to the general public, but nothing has happened yet that I know of. It is possible for foreigners and Cambodians to send a formal letter to the Palace requesting to gain entrance and pay respects to the King Father. I've been busy with other things this last week and this information is at least several days out of date. You may want to double check this. If I hear anything new I will post it here.