Friday, April 29, 2011


From the front page of yesterday's The Nation (one of Thailand's main English language newspapers.)

Interesting choice and placement of photos. To the left, armed and uniformed Cambodian soldiers aiming their rifles to the right as if ready to shoot. Immediately to the right, a separate photo of unarmed Thai civilians ducking for cover. From the juxtaposition of photos it almost seems that Cambodian soldiers are ready to fire on Thai civilians. Though both the comparative sizes of the subjects and the caption beneath the photos make it clear this is not what is actually happening, this particular juxtaposition would seem...well...suggestive. I guess it comes as no surprise that a Thai newspaper would have a Thai lean. But I found this particular manipulation heavy-handed enough to roll my eyes a bit.


  1. And that is why long term expats in Thailand read:

    For a more truthful position on what is going on.

  2. Yellow journalism at it's finest and an attempt to offer plausible deniability. Tsk-tsk. Appreciate you gave this attention.