Saturday, April 23, 2011


In an article titled, "'Sorry, I'm busy!' King of Cambodia snubs Royal Wedding for 'something more important'" the online version of the British newspaper the Daily Mail yesterday bemoaned Cambodian King Sihamoni's "snub" to the British Prince, supposedly committed by turning down an invitation to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The also article notes that "His father Sihanouk refused to attend Princess Alexandra's wedding in 1963 after being told he would not get a guard of honour and could not stay at Windsor Castle," perhaps suggesting that the then King Sihanouk felt he was not afforded the respect and regard that he was due as a king.

Accompanying the article was a photo labeled "No thank you: King Sihamoni of Cambodia has turned down…etc." Except the photo was not of King Sihamoni but of retired King Sihanouk.


The Mail has since corrected the apparent error, maintaining the same caption but replacing the photo of retired King Sihanouk with one of King Sihamoni.


  1. Sihamoni shows an admirable sense of proportion.

  2. Cambodia is not a wealthy country and there are, um... a few unsettling events happening there - I'd hope that their officials would be 'too busy' to attend. Can't believe this item ever made it to the news.