Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Signs of Sihanoukville

What's wrong with this picture?...
See the big signs above, directing traffic straight ahead to Otress (sic) Beach and Poymachoav? Did you also see the tiny little 'Do not enter/One-way' sign in the background on the right side of the road. Almost needless to say, the police often work this corner, stopping and 'fining' drivers who make the mistake of following the big sign above. (23 Tola Street, one street back from Ochheuteal Beach) instead of the little sign.

I don't know who they think this 'we' is, or where they got that photo of a clean beach, but they can't be talking about Sihanoukville or the local inhabitants. Or if they are, my first reaction would be, "No you don't, the beaches and town are strewn with trash." Might as well put up a sign saying, 'We always drive safely in Cambodia' or 'Tuk-tuks: "Courtesy" is in our middle name.' But, to trying to give the sign maker the benefit of the doubt, perhaps it is a statement of an unrealized ideal to which they hope people will aspire rather than a statement of fact...maybe. Which leads me to the next sign... 

Truth in advertising? 
Sign at the entrance of a new condo development on O-pram road near the Otres turnoff. They are currently advertising for buyers and investors, though I find the name of the place less than confidence inspiring.

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  1. Haha, had to post this link to my facebook page! Nice ones!